Thursday 22 February 2018

'Smash and grab' raid at medical hall

Fermoy Medical Hall
Fermoy Medical Hall


GARDAI have launched an investigation into a robbery at the Fermoy Medical Hall - the third time the premises has been broken into in as many years.

They are also investigating the possibility the raiders may have made a hoax call to gardai prior to the break-in in order to divert gardai away from the town centre while it was taking place.

The robbery took place at around 3am last Monday morning, after a large window at the front of the Medical Hall facing onto McCurtain Street was smashed by raiders.

In what a garda spokesman described as a "smash and grab" raid, two men walked into the premises before making off with a number of high-end products.

The spokesman said they were in the pharmacy for less than 60-seconds and seemed to know exactly what they were looking for leading to speculation they may have 'cased out' the premises in the days leading up to the robbery.


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