Wednesday 16 October 2019

Residents left horrified as pitbulls kill pets


RESIDENTS were left horrified this week after two dogs were savaged and killed by roaming pitbulls in Mallow within the space of a few days.

Last Saturday night residents in Sandfield Estate were forced to try and restrain a raging pit bull while it savaged another dog to death. Then on Tuesday afternoon in Summerhill another dog was killed by another pitbull, spurring local gardai to call on owners to control the dangerous animals.

Witness to last Saturday night's horrific ordeal Keith Jordan is concerned if action is not taken to control pitbulls a human could be the next victim.

At approximately 9.45pm last Saturday a man who has been walking his dog in Sandfield estate for several years had to watch helplessly as his pet was set open and killed by a pit bull. The scene horrified up to 30 local people who came to the man's aid.

"We don't want pitbulls around us, everyone is worried," said witness Keith Jordan. "I had never in my life seen anything like this. Efforts by residents to restrain the crazed pitbull by lashing it with a sweeping brush and boiling water all failed.

Mallow gardai arrived at the estate at 10 pm when brave residents had managed to push the raging dog behind a gate. Pepper spray used by gardai also failed to control the savage dog.

When the pitbull was finally pushed behind a gate up to five residents had to stand against it to hold in the growling dog until a vet arrived and put the animal down — which required two fatal injections. Then on Tuesday a terrier was mauled to death by a pitbull in the Summerhill area of the town. A man was charged in relation to that incident at a sitting of Cobh District Court on Wednesday.