Tuesday 22 October 2019

Red-blooded Munster people on top in promiscuity survey

PEOPLE from Munster are the most promiscuous and amorous in Ireland, with 10 per cent having had sex with between 11-20 people, according to the Durex Irish National Condom Week Survey 2011.

The people of the region must have a lot of love to give with just under half saying they have had sex three times in one night, according to the Durex survey of the sexual habits of the nation.

The survey coincides with National Condom Week, which started last Monday until Sunday, October 24-30.

Women in Munster are the most likely in Ireland to have their private parts vajazzled with five per cent trying out the latest trend.

Six percent of southerners surveyed admit to having had between 21 and 30 sexual partners.

One in five people said money worries interfered with their love lives, while for others the pressure of the recession is no obstacle, with 36 per cent confessing to calling in sick to work so they could stay in bed all day with a lover.

A curious bunch, almost ten per cent of the people of Munster have tried dogging.

A whopping 27 per cent of the region enjoys using food in the bedroom, 5 per cent more than any other province.

A quarter of the people surveyed would be willing to cheat on their partner with an attractive stranger if their partner would never find out.