Friday 20 April 2018

Rapist fled from 'hitmen'

Two time rapist Patrick 'Lo Lo' O'Driscoll
Two time rapist Patrick 'Lo Lo' O'Driscoll


THE double rapist Patrick 'Lo Lo' O'Driscoll, pictured, fled through fields on Tuesday after his brother claimed he saw two "hitmen" on a motorcycle with one who was gunning for him.

O'Driscoll who is a member of the Travelling community was released from prison last month after serving 11 years of a 17 year-sentence for a rape of a woman in Fermoy.

The 47 year-old attacked the woman shortly after his release from prison after he had served a 12 year-sentence for the rape of another woman. He attacked both victims when they were walking home alone. When he was released he went back to live with his family at Coombe outside Glenville. He lives with his elderly mother but has a number of relatives who live nearby.

Gardai are searching for the men who drove up to the halting site at 2pm and despite substantial searches were unable to find them in the number of by-roads in the region.

However, they did recover quite a powerful motorcycle which was burnt out in a forest clearing off the main Glenville-Ballyhooly road and this is being forensically examined.

O'Driscoll has been visited several times by Gardai as part of his routine post release supervision.

Before his prison release, his last victim, who cannot be identified, admitted that she is reviewing her personal security and sleeps with a baseball bat by her pillow and hates going outside alone.

Another woman who doesn't wish to be identified said that people in the region have been living in fear since his return to area on July 9.

Several garda sources have previously claimed that O'Driscoll is one of the most dangerous men in the country.

O'Driscoll beat one of his victims savagely over the head with a rock but was disturbed by a young man walking home and he fled the scene.

He was only arrested after a huge manhunt which extended over most of north Cork and involved numerous Gardai, helicopters, tracking dogs and road-blocks.

Gardai in Fermoy are looking for anyone who was in the region between 1-3pm who may have seen two men wearing dark clothing and on a motorcycle.

Anyone with any information phone Fermoy Garda station at 025 82100.