Monday 23 April 2018

Pro-life group pickets FG offices

PRO-Life protestors this week picketed the offices of Cork North West TDs.

The group, who represent The Life Institute, campaigned outside the Millstreet office of Fine Gael's Aine Collins on Monday morning, before moving to the Macroom office of her party colleague Michael Creed.

Kieran O'Riordan of The Life Institute said the group were targeting the larger coalition party. "We're here to lobby on behalf of the unborn children of Ireland," said Mr O'Riordan in Macroom on Monday. "Fine Gael intend to bring in abortion that will take innocent life. They have no mandate to do it.

"They promised to keep Ireland pro-life and they have reversed on that decision now.

"They're suggesting that the European Court is forcing them to do it, but the European Court have categorically stated that they are quite happy with Ireland's pro-life laws and quite happy with Ireland's pro-life ethos, as it comes from the deep, deep spiritual background of the Irish people.

"We're strongly opposed to Fine Gael introducing the legalisation and murder of innocent children," he added.