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Progress made on new graveyard to serve Lismire area


A NEW graveyard in Lismire is stepping closer to reality, the Kanturk area meeting heard on Monday.

At the November meeting it emerged that the two cemeteries in Lismire were "full to capacity" and a new graveyard was needed as the people were in "dire straits".

That was according to Cllr Timmy Collins (Ind), who said the cemeteries at Kilmacow and Kilcorcoran were now full and the gates should be closed on them.

However, he also said a new site on private land had been identified and he asked that Cork County Council purchase the site from the landowner.

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At last Monday's meeting, Cllr Collins reported that trial holes had been previously done about three years ago.

"The people have no problem with it, the church or the landowner has no problem with this going ahead. The cost of selling the land will not be high," Cllr Timmy Collins (Ind) said, again advocating the council buy the land.

John O'Dell, executive engineer at CCC, said that he would now look into the new information.

Continuing on the topic of graveyards, Cllr Noel Buckley (FG) said there is a section of St Mary's in Millstreet which is becoming quite dishevelled, and asked if the council could address this problem.

Area engineer Pat O'Sullivan pointed out that graveyard committees had been set up in Kanturk and Newmarket, and had proven to be a great success.

Chairing the meeting, Cllr Gerard Murphy (FG) said both committees had done outstanding work in both graveyards.

With a smile, Cllr Buckley said: "Well, if ye are successful in Newmarket, then Millstreet will follow suit."