Tuesday 21 May 2019

Probe launched into sickening Conna rabbit kill

Bill Browne

Children making their way to school in the village of Conna on Tuesday morning were met with the disturbing sight of more than a dozen slaughtered rabbits, some of them babies, laid out on a nearby pathway.

Fermoy Gardaí and Blackwater Animal Rescue (BAR) are investigating the bizarre incident, which was highlighted in a graphic image posted on the Conna Community Council website. 

Speaking to The Corkman, community council member Ger O'Mahony said locals were "deeply shocked and horrified" by the sickening incident.

"Children on their way to the local school were understandably very upset when they saw the rabbits. People can not understand why anyone would do this. Thankfully, a local man picked them up and disposed of the carcasses," said Mr O'Mahony. 

Gardaí confirmed they had received a number of complaints about the incident and are trying to determine exactly how the rabbits were killed and why they were placed on the pavement. 

They are reviewing CCTV footage from local premises and have asked that motorists with dashboard cameras who may have been driving through the village on Monday night or Tuesday morning to contact them. 

One theory is that a group from outside the area may have been disturbed while 'lamping', which is the practise of dazzling rabbits at night to capture and kill them. 

Mr O'Mahony said appalled locals were at a loss as to why the rabbits were left neatly laid out on the footpath. 

"Why would anyone leave 13 rabbits on a path where children would be passing? If they were left in a pile it would be one thing, but it would appear they were deliberately laid out in a neat row, which must have taken a long time to do," he said. 

"This has upset the whole community. You simply do not expect this kind of thing to happen in your village. If a fox kills a rabbit its one thing, but this was something completely different. This was horrific and we hope that we never see anything like this happening in the village again," he added.