Saturday 20 April 2019

Probe launched into potentially significant fish kill on Glen River

Bill Browne

Officials with Cork County Council have confirmed it has launched an investigation into an alleged incident on the Glen River near Banteer which resulted in a potentially serious fish kill.

The Corkman understands that machinery was used to remove gravel from the river bottom, which in turn drained water from a section of the river and causede significant damage to the to the aquatic ecosystem in the immediate vicinity.

In a statement, Inland Fisheries Ireland confirmed that it had investigated an incident of "significant unauthorised in-stream excavation" in late September on the Glen River. 

"Major damage was done to over 200 metres of river habitat and that is at further risk of damage due to erosion," read the statement.

It went on to say that the damage caused had been linked to the death of a number of fish found at the scene and that there was a possibility that many more may have been killed.

"Approximately two dozen dead adult brown trout were observed in a section of the Glen River, which had become isolated and de-watered as a results of the works. However, the likelihood is that multiples of this number of fish died as a result of the works," read the statement. 

"Kanturk Gardaí also attended the scene and officers of Cork County Council's planning department were made aware of the work activity," it concluded.

The Corkman contacted the local authority to ask if it had launched an investigation into the incident and, if so, what form would it take and whether it could result in a prosecution. The authority was able to confirm that an investigation into the matter was ongoing but that it was too early to speculate on what its outcome may be.