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Priest faces abuse claims

A PRIEST in a North Cork parish was ordered on Friday to take administrative following allegations of sexual abuse against him.

Mallow gardai are now investigating the allegations made by a woman who claimed the priest sexually abused her more than 20 years ago.

A spokesman for the diocese of Cloyne has confirmed that the complaint is being dealt with in accordance with the Standards and Guidance Document 'Safeguarding Children' of the National Board for Safeguarding Children.

"The rights of the complainant and the accused priest are to be respected and any action taken in the course of the investigation should not be construed as an implication of guilt on the part of the accused cleric," the spokesperson said.

Meanwhile, Mallow gardai have revealed that a second priests and a Christian Brother from the Cloyne diocese are also being investigated in relation to sexual abuse allegations.

Last March Bishop of Cloyne, John Magee, was replaced in his diocesan duties following intense criticism of the way in which he handled child abuse cases in the diocese.