Wednesday 24 January 2018

Paud dead a year but still no culprit has come forward

The late Paud O’Leary.
The late Paud O’Leary.


MONDAY will mark the first anniversary of the death of father of four Paud O'Leary, who was killed in a hit and run when he was out cycling.


The 42 year-old was killed on July 1 in an early morning collision at Scrahanfadda, Gneeveguilla when he was training for the Ring of Kerry cycle.

Despite the family and especially Paud's wife Margaret making a plea for the person to come forward, no one has reported themselves to Gardai in Kanturk.

Margaret had told the media that she was devastated that the driver had not yet presented themselves to Gardai.

Gardai have identified the suspect vehicle as a charcoal grey Toyota Landcruiser, which was travelling from Killarney towards Duhallow. Margaret said the person responsible didn't show any suspect for her husband, by leaving him in a ditch.

Paud's bother, Sean Og also made an emotional plea on television and in the print media in the hope of finding the driver of the vehicle to help bring closure for the family.

In the family's acknowledgment of his first anniversary, Paud's wife, and children Shannon, Antonette, Paudie and Ross along with his parents Maunie and Sean J and siblings thanked everyone who sympathised with them.

They also thanked Rathmore ladies football club, the Kerry Stars athletics and the Gneeveguilla basketball club and every club who held a mass to celebrate Paud's life.

"A year on we feel the support is ongoing, we thank everybody that has spared a silent thought, a small prayer or a mass card," stated the acknowledgement.

During Paud's very moving mass last year, Margaret told the packed congregation that she was "very lucky" that Paud had chosen her as his wife. She praised him highly for being a very devoted father to their four children.

"He didn't want to go, but he was shoved out of this world too soon. Paud's attitude to life was to 'get on with it," said Margaret, to which the silenced congregation rose to their feet in their hundreds and loudly applauded.

The anniversary mass for Paud will be held on Monday, July 1 at 7.30pm at Gneeveguilla church.


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