Sunday 17 December 2017

OP trans Deirdre feels the pain


WHEN you're having a really bad day and you just want to give up, imagine your end goal and that will get you through.

This advice, from Operation Transformation Leader Deirdre Hosford, has spurred her on to achieve a weight loss of almost a stone in just two weeks.

Having lost seven pounds in the first week, Deirdre went on to lose another five this week and is determined to keep the momentum going.

"It's getting a little bit harder now as the exercise is ramping up and that is a challenge for me but I'm getting there," she said.

Speaking about the walk in Blarney on Saturday, Deirdre said it was an amazing experience with over a thousand people taking part.

Flanked by the Mayors of Cork City and County, Deirdre completed the 4.5km walk in 45 minutes and followed it up with a trip to Mahon Point for the Operation Transformation Roadshow where she took part in a workout with Fitness Expert, Carl Henry.

To round off her action packed day, Deirdre appeared on the Saturday Night Show along with her fellow Leaders and finished it off with a drink in The Green Room with host, Brendan O'Connor.

On Sunday morning, Deirdre was at The Curragh for this weeks' challenge, which was, ' yet again awful'.

Running around tyres and struggling under a net pinned to the ground four times left Deirdre bruised and aching but her biggest challenge on the day was crawling through a tunnel.

"I'm claustrophobic so I had a bit of a wobble at the start and said no, I can't do it. But then I just dove in head first and did it."

In recognition of her superhuman efforts, Deirdre was awarded 'Laoch an Lae', making her the hero of the day.

Week three, for Deirdre, includes four days of cardio workouts where she walks for two minutes and runs for three, repeating it five times. There are also two days of exercising, making this the toughest week yet.

However, Deirdre is determined to power through, giving inspiration to all of her followers and showing true Cork grit in the process.

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