Monday 23 October 2017

OAP slapped with fine - 48hrs after his permit expired

Len was shocked at the fine he got on Friday last.
Len was shocked at the fine he got on Friday last.


AN elderly Mallow OAP was shocked to find he'd been slapped with a €40 parking fine - despite the fact that his resident's permit had only expired two days previously.

Mr Len Robinson, who lives in the Spa Square was given a parking ticket last Friday morning, even though his parking permit had only expired on Wednesday - less than 48-hours before the ticket was issued.

The 82-year-old told The Corkman that he was "very annoyed" at being given the ticket as he had never let his permit lapse before. "I had meant to renew it on Thursday, but it just slipped my mind," Mr Robinson admitted.

"I have been paying my resident's parking since it was introduced and have had the same car for years. The warden should have recognised my car because it is always parked close to my house.

"They should have also have been aware of the fact that, apart from this one instance, my permit is always in date."

However, Mr Robinson said he will pay the €40 parking ticket, which is double the cost of an annual resident's parking permit. "I have always been on good terms with the council. I was one of the people who worked with the council in the implementation of the Mallow flood alleviation plan," he said.

"I would not want to jeopardise that relationship so I will pay the ticket but I am very annoyed by this," he said.

Mr Robinson said that while he understood traffic wardens had a job to do, they should show some discretion to people who have consistently obeyed the parking bye-laws.

"I think people like me who pay rates to the council for years deserve the respect of being notified that their parking permits have expired and are given a fair chance to renew them. To simply hand out a ticket in this fashion is very unfair," he said.

"What if I had been away on holiday for a few days? I could have arrived back to find any number of tickets on my widescreen. If I was new to the area or had been abusing the system I could understand this, but people like me who pay their way should not be penalised like this."