Wednesday 19 December 2018

Nice day for a white wedding

Bill Browne

Fer will forget the day that 'The Beast from the East' combined with storm Emma to leave swathes of the country covered in a blanket of snow and looking like a winter wonderland. 

While most of the country hunkered down to ride out the storm in the comfort of their own homes, one couple from Macroom were determined to ensure that the weather would not put a damper on their big day. 

Mia Bronotte and Davey Walsh were not going to let anything as trivial as a bit of snow and wind stop them from tying the knot last Friday - with the weather serving to provide them with the picture perfect backdrop for their white wedding.   

While the couple, who met in Sydney three-years-ago, were forced to put their nuptials back from noon to 5pm, Mia said there was no way they were going to cancel the wedding as many family members had travelled all the way from her native Australia for the wedding. 

As both she and Macroom native Davy live close to the town centre they and many of their guests were able to walk to the Castle Hotel to exchange vows and enjoy the reception - although Mia did have don her snow boots to get there. 

"Most of the guests live locally so were able to turn up and some travelled  from Cork City on the day to be with us. With all of the plans in place and about 60 guests turning up there was no way were ever going to cancel the wedding. You go ahead with what you have," said Mia. 

She said that far from ruining the day, the weather made the occasion even more memorable. 

"While it was always going to be a special day for Davey and myself, the snow made it that little bit extra special for everyone. I don't know what we would have had to have done to top it," laughed Mia. 

"When we started planning our wedding there was no way that we could have imagined it would turn out like it did. It was just a fantastic day and there will not be many couples who will have a wedding photograph album likes ours," she said.  

The couple are now set to holiday in much sunnier climes when they jet off to Teneriffe for their honeymoon.