Wednesday 16 October 2019

New sewage system raises a stink


LEGAL notices are to be served on some residents at West End in Millstreet who have not paid a connection fee to a new sewerage system which was put in place by Cork County Council at a cost of €25,000.

While the council has had the new system installed, and has had connections brought up to the houses, residents must privately pay for a plumber to connect them to the new system, says the council.

The old sewerage system, which is at the back of the row of houses at West End, is over 100 years old.

At Kanturk Area Meeting on Monday, Cllr Noel Buckley (FG) said that "bad odour" has been emitting from the old sewerage system for the past two weeks. He described it as a "major problem at West End".

Senior official

at Cork County Council Aidan Weir said that residents had been requested to pay the connection fee to the new system. Some of the residents had done so, but others were refusing, he said.

"Legal notices will be issued before the end of the week" on the residents who had refused to pay the connection fee, Engineer Martin Corcoran said.

Mr Weir told The Corkman that some residents expected the council to also pay for the internal plumbing to hook up the houses to the new system.

"The old sewerage system is completely outdated, and there is a major problem with the bad smell. This is not only a problem for the residents who have paid for the connection but equally for those who have not," he said.

However, The Corkman understands that a number of houses at West End have, over the years, completed extensions at the back of their houses; in effect, building over the pipes of the old sewerage system. It now means that new floors would have to be dug up and a pipe extending from the extension to the front door to join up with CCC new sewerage pipes. It is believed that, for some, the cost of the connection and the works attached to it, could be in the region of €4,000.

Former Fianna Fáil councillor Marie 'The Shamrock,' Murphy lives in one of the houses at West End. She said the problem for some residents is that they had put down mosaic floors in their new extensions, and it would mean ripping up the flooring.

"This work could only be done by hand, and it does involve a lot of work and it's quite a messy job. "To replace expensive flooring and getting builders in to re-do floors will work out as very expensive for people. That is why some people are so hesitant in joining up the new sewerage system," she said.