Tuesday 21 November 2017

My secretary was almost run over, says angry Barry

Enough is enough says TD after 'shocking and sinister' episode


MALLOW TD Tom Barry has lodged a complaint with gardai over what he described as a "shocking" incident outside his office last Sunday.

Deputy Barry said the incident during which, he claimed, a member of his staff was almost knocked down by a car, was just the latest in a string of attacks against him and his staff.

"This particular incident took place at around 1.30pm last Sunday. My secretary was in the office, with the shutters down, catching up with some constituency work," said Deputy Barry.

He said a car with three people pulled up across the road and a person got out and posted up a "propaganda" poster on the office window before returning to the car.

"My secretary pulled up the shutter, walked across the road and stood next to the driver's window. She said 'excuse me' to the driver, who pulled away rapidly and virtually drove out on top of her," said an incensed Deputy Barry.

"This is a lady who recently broke her leg and has very limited mobility. It was shocking. The driver drove on, without seeming to care."

Deputy Barry said he had contacted gardai over the incident, pointing out that this was not the first time he had been targeted by protestors. Last December, he received death threats on a social networking site and on another occasion people dressed in balaclavas had put posters on the window of his Mallow office. However, there is no indication the indicdents were connected or involved the same people.

He also revealed that on another occasion a woman had sneaked into his office and put up a poster in the toilets.

"What happened last Sunday seemed semi-threatening and quite sinister in nature."

He said that he has the registration of the car and was confident he knew the identity of at least one of the people in the car.

"These people have some emblems on their propaganda. I'm not sure what associations they have, but it would not be too difficult to work out," said Deputy Barry.

"I was so angry that a member of my staff could be treated like this and I am going to meet these people head on.

"Other politicians might just ignore something like this, but I'm not going to, because I'm afraid that someone could get hurt if this kind of behaviour is allowed to continue."


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