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Monument in memory of Brian Boru's brother



ONE of the significant families in Irish history were remembered by Kilcorney Heritage Group in a commemorative event that recalled the death of Brian Boru's elder brother, King Mahon, the then leader of the Dál Cais.

Forming the centrepiece of a moving ceremony on Saturday was the unveiling of a monument at King Mahon's Rock on the Brandy Road, traditionally regarded as the location that marked his death on Mushera mountain in 976 AD.

In association with IRD Duhallow, Cork County Council and local landowners, King Mahon's association with a historic family was acknowledged in the presence of a representative attendance that convened at a picturesque setting just off the famous Butter Road.

The O'Brien Clan had given their backing to the event with 32nd descendent of Brian Boru, Moira O'Brien, in attendance, ahead of the millennium of the Battle of Clontarf and the death of Ard Ri Brian Ború on Monday.

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"Earlier, the death of King Mahon was a turning point in Irish history, providing the opportunity for his brother, Brian Boru, to begin his ascent to the High Kingship and it is most appropriate that it's commemorated in a proper manner," she said.

Aubane Historical Society president Jack Lane said King Mahon's death was avenged by his younger brother, Brian Boru, at the Battle of Bealick near Macroom. "It can be declared that Brian Boru's career, which ended at Clontarf, began with the death of his brother in Mushera", said Mr. Lane.

He added that Mahon's younger brother, Brian, who was an unknown quantity at the time, was a bit of a tearaway and not taken very seriously.

But he set about avenging his brother's death and succeeded in finally doing so two years later, in 978, at the battle of Bealach Leachta at the confluence of the rivers Sullane and Laney near Macroom.

Those behind the commemoration were Kilcorney Heritage Group headed by Tom Goggin and Denis McSweeney. Glorious weather greeted the occasion. Millstreet Pipe Band were in attendance along with members of Rockchapel Comhalthas Ceolteoiri who obliged with fitting tunes.