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Millstreet's TY's embrace exciting year full of drive and enthusiasm


The Transition Year students of Millstreet Community School are well and truly cooking up a storm this year.

Their latest venture into the world of fundraising and enhancing community spirit comes next Tuesday, November 17 at 8pm when they welcome TV3's Chef Adrian, in conjunction with O'Leary Family Butchers.

Speaking about the event, TY Co-Ordinator Derry Morley said: "Jerry O'Leary came to us in the beginning with the idea. It very much suited us because we were looking for another project to get involved in. "

Millstreet Community Hospital is the beneficiary from the event next Tuesday and Derry was keen to emphasise why they chose the hospital.

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"The hospital is often on our agenda, we have donated to them after fashion shows and different things like that.

"We work very closely with the hospital. We have a group of 16 students who go up to the hospital once a week in groups of four.

"They play cards with the patients, they got for walks with them and play music. I suppose it's all about giving a bit of company. Credit is due to John Magee for his work in organising this," said Derry.

There has been a committee put in place for the cooking demo next Tuesday. This committee is made up of Lydia Murphy, Ethan Desmond, Donna O'Reilly, Kristen Murphy and Eoin O'Callaghan.

Speaking about Chef Adrian's exhibition, Ethan said: "We were approached by Mr Morley to do this and we were more than happy to help. It's good to give back to the community. Our main jobs leading up to next Tuesday is to get the word out by posters and word of mouth."

This year's TY's have certainly shown initiative in all areas this year. With the retirement of Gerard Ryan, the students have taken over the mantle of organising the Show Box appeal. They are encouraging all students, including in the local primary schools to put together a show box full of gifts for children in disadvantaged countries.

The students have also taken over Gerard's role in raising money for Marymount Hospice via an Easter Egg Draw.

As well as fundraising, the Ty's also take part in other fun and exciting projects. One of the next things on their agenda is the annual Drama that they put on. This is set to take place in January.

Lydia said: "We see this as a chance to provide a few nights entertainment for the community."

The fun continues in February as the Transition Years embark on their annual Dublin Trip. The ever popular school tour will take in the usual sites such as Croke Park and the Dáil as well as travelling north to Belfast to see the Titanic Museum.

These five students as well as the rest of their colleagues in Transition Year have shown exactly what can be done when the students embrace the opportunities that come their way.

Ethan emphasised this fact saying how worthwhile the year is, "It is definitely a year worth doing. It's a chance to have a fun and it's a creative year."