Monday 22 January 2018

Meet Zu Zu the celebrity jackdaw


A FEATHERY jackdaw - who is no stranger to standing on people's heads, going io the pub on people's shoulders and having his photo taken - has become a major celebrity in the village of Meelin.

In May, 11 year old Sarah Murphy from Kanturk was attending her horse riding lesson in Meelin when a newly born jackdaw fell out of its nest; it was very blue and couldn't move.

Sarah's mom, Lou told The Corkman that they brought Zu Zu to their home in Kanturk and began to feed him worms with a tweezers and placed him in a cardboard box and kept him warm with hot water bottles.

"We hand-reared Zu Zu until he could just about fly," Lou explained. "He thought I was his mother - I had to creep past his box in the morning and the minute he saw me he would begin to caw out.

"He is just so tame and clever. He would stand on the kitchen tap and peck at it to let you know that he wanted water."

As they live in an estate in Kanturk, Lou felt Zu Zu should be left in the open and took him to Brendan and Marie Fleming who run the 'Animal Road Show' in Millstreet in August, which is an educational road show which has a host of various reptiles and mammals to show children.

However, just three weeks later Zu Zu went missing and turned up again in the village of Meelin.

"People just couldn't believe that he had come back. He was just like a celebrity," said Lou.

"He would land on people's heads and there were people queuing up to have their picture taken with him.

"He even went into the pub on people's shoulders and he was mad for the children's sandwiches in the national school.

"He was so tame that he had them tormented," laughed Lou.

Brendan Fleming told The Corkman that when he went to Meelin to try and find Zu Zu they were only in the village for 10 minutes when he landed on their car roof and looked in the windscreen at him.

Zu Zu was able to come and go as he pleased at their premises in Millstreet and in the mornings he would land on Brendan and Marie's heads as they went about feeding the animals.

Speaking this week, the bird had now been missing for a few days, but as he is now quite resilient, and a celebrity, Brendan said he has no cause for concern for him.

"It really wouldn't surprise me at all if he flies back to Meelin. He's mad for the place," said Brendan.

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