Monday 22 January 2018

Man 'who was out of it' broke into garda station

'Gangsta' style pose, as it appears on Brian Lysaght's Facebook page.
'Gangsta' style pose, as it appears on Brian Lysaght's Facebook page.

A JUDGE looked somewhat perplexed on hearing that a man "who was out of it" managed to break into a Garda station, where he made off with four expensive Garda radios.

Judge Brian Sheridan was even more surprised when he heard that Brian Lysaght had been given a four month prison sentence for stealing a car, and a 15 year driving ban, in May 2013, but on July 7, a mere six weeks later, he broke into the Garda Station via a window.

Last week, he was charged and pleaded guilty to burglary.

Mr Lysaght (33) of 27 De Valera Place, Charleville later feared that Gardai could track his movements as he was in possession of the Garda radios, and he smashed them into bits.

He was also charged and pleaded guilty to being in possession of stolen property at Cooleens, Charleville on October 13, 2013. For this, Garda Liam Ruttle said he was in possession of two amplifiers.

The court also head that on May 7, 2013, he pleaded guilty to breaking into the CBS boys school in Charleville and took two computers.

On the same day, at Dunnes Stores, Baker's Road, Charleville, he was charged with theft.

However, the State struck out the charge of theft at Dunne's stores.

Meanwhile, last week, Mr Lysaght contested a charge of being in possession of a hatchet with intent to cause injury at Rathgoggin, Middle, Charleville on July 13, 2013.

Sergeant Tony Cronin told the court that he was off duty and he saw Mr Lysaght cycling on a mountain bike on the footpath. He said Mr Lysaght had pulled up his t-shirt and he saw a small hatchet tucked into the right hand side of his trousers, with the handle placed inside his trousers and the blade upwards.

Sgt Cronin said he called Mr Lysaght but "he just kept on cycling," for about 20 yards, and went up a laneway.

Sgt Cronin said that Mr Lysaght gained speed on the mountain bike and he phoned Gardai who searched the area but did not locate him.

However, three days later, Sgt Cronin met Mr Lysaght, where he denied being in possession of a small hatchet.

Solicitor Cathal Lombard argued that under Section (5) of the Firearms and Offences Act, there must be an issue of intent. He said there was no evidence of intent by his client.

Inspector Eddie Golden said: "There is the fact that he firstly concealed it, and then denied he had it three days later."

Judge Sheridan said he didn't disbelieve Sgt Cronin for one minute. However, he said he did have "some doubt about the level of intention." The charge was dismissed.

The court heard that Mr Lysaght had already nothed up 69 previous convictions.

Insp Golden listed off a litany of Lysaght's previous convictions, which included assault causing harm, robbery, failing to appear in court, theft, burglary, entering a building with intent to commit a crime, using a mobile phone when in prison, misuse of drugs and unauthorised taking of a car.

He had received prison sentences for assault causing harm as well as robbery.

Mr Lombard said 2013 was a "hard year," for his client, as he had difficulties with alcohol and drugs.

However, Judge Sheridan said that Mr Lysaght's problem was that he had a "long history."

"What I'm looking at is that the CBS school was broken into, and then he actually goes into a Garda station and takes their radios," said Judge Sheridan.

Mr Lombard said that his client was "out of it," when he broke into Charleville Garda station. Judge Sheridan pointed out that when Mr Lysaght broke into the CBS Boys school he did so via a sky light.

"So, he must have been steady on his feet then," said Judge Sheridan.

Mr Lombard said that his client is now off alcohol and is a "residual cannabis user," and is now not on a cocktail of drugs.

In the end, Judge Sheridan sentenced him to 12 months in prison.


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