Saturday 24 February 2018

Man arrested in London over fatal 'hit and run' crash

The late Paudie O’Leary
The late Paudie O’Leary


A DUHALLOW man in his 20s who is suspected of involvement in a fatal 'hit and run' of a father of four has been arrested by police in London on foot of information by Kanturk Gardai.

Gardai in Kanturk traced the man to Australia but additional information came to light in recent weeks that the young man was in London visiting some family.

Kanturk Gardai alerted the London Metropolitan Police and a man was arrested at Heathrow Airport by police early on Tuesday morning.

It is understood that the man left Duhallow shortly after Paudie O'Leary of Gneeveguilla was fatally injured at Scrahanfadda on July 1, 2012.

Kanturk Gardai requested that the London Metropolitan Police arrest the man for the purpose of charging him in relation to the death of Mr O'Leary.

On Wednesday, the young man was being held pending the receipt of a European arrest warrant from Ireland.

The Corkman understands that, at the time of his arrest, it was the young man's intention to return to Australia.

Paud O'Leary was out cycling early on the morning of July 1, 2012. He was in training for the Ring of Kerry cycle but when he failed to return home his family went searching for him.

The 42 year-old father of four was found by his brother and 14 year-old nephew lying dead in a ditch.

It was Mr O'Leary's intention to complete the cycle for the Kerry All Stars, a charity that works with children and adults with Down Syndrome.

Since Mr O'Leary's death, his family, along with his wife, Margaret, have made pleas for the driver of the vehicle involved in the fatal collision to give themselves up to Gardai, but to no avail.

In the weeks following Mr O'Leary's death, hundreds of people took part in a search for the vehicle believed to have been involved in the accident but it proved fruitless. Gardai were of the view that the suspected vehicle would have sustained serious damage.

Gardai at the time believed that the front, right-hand side of the vehicle would have been damaged.

At the time of Mr O'Leary's death and for a long period of time afterwards between 20 to 30 Gardai were working on the investigation.

A post mortem examination revealed that Mr O'Leary had died of injuries consistent with a road traffic accident.

Paud's brother, Sean Og made an emotional plea on television and in the print media in the hope of finding the driver of the vehicle to help bring closure for the family.

"He didn't want to go, but he was shoved out of this world too soon," said Margaret.

Paud's brother, Sean Og completed the Ring of Kerry cycle in his brother's memory and also raised funds for Downs Syndrome.

After the race, he too appealed for the driver of the vehicle to come forward.


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