Saturday 25 May 2019

Macroom workers down trowels

Bill Browne

Members of the Unite union converged on Macroom on Wednesday in support of a 24-hour stoppage by archaeologists on the Macroom bypass.

Workers downed trowels in a dispute with IAC Ltd over what the union said was the company's refusal to engage with them over pay issues.

Unite's Richie Browne said that despite "enjoying healthy and growing profits" IAC had refused to discuss a pay claim with its workers collectively.

"IAC's treatment of its workers reached a new low last week when - in advance of tomorrow's industrial action - they issued the workers concerned with a week's notice of termination of employment, claiming that the archaeological works in question were coming to an end.

Unite regards this as, at best, a stunning coincidence, and at worst an example of blatant union-busting tactics."

In a statement IAC Ltd said it dealt directly with staff on contractual matters.

"Earlier this spring, the trade union Unite circulated a letter throughout the commercial archaeology sector, seeking additional increases in pay/rates. IAC have been offering salary packages on our projects, at, or up to 4% above those rates," the statement read.