Monday 19 March 2018

Macroom Town Council looks to spend €400k on amenities


MACROOM Town Council is set to spend somewhere in the region of €400,000 on local amenity projects.

Councillors this week debated how to spend money raised through development contributions, which in turn is to be spent on projects including the Town Hall, Leisure Centre and Briery Gap theatre.

While the absence of Town Manager Sharon Corcoran from Tuesday night's meeting of the council meant no decisions could be finalised, a number of items up for review were agreed in principal.

A total of €80,000 has already been committed to installing a lift in the Town Hall, although Cllr Tom Counihan (FG) believes more should be spent on the building.

"The Town Hall needs a facelift, it's a shame that the nicest building in town isn't more visible. I think the building should be lit up properly," he said.

Cllr Con Foley (Ind) referred to a recent presentation by the Macroom Leisure Centre's management. Cllr Foley, the council's representative on the centre's board of management, said the proposed astroturf pitch would be of huge benefit to the town and would mark the first phase of a more estensive expansion plan for the centre.

This was seconded by Cllr Pat Melia (Ind), who said the pitch could be the council's legacy to the town.

Cllr Pat O'Connell (FF) said the Briery Gap intends to raise its own funds for its plans, but that a €20,000 contribution was welcome.

"There should be an onus on places to fundraise themselves as well, rather than look for a handout. The Briery Gap's plans will be good value for money if they follow through on their presentation," he said.