Friday 15 December 2017

'Lo Lo' victim has 'no doubt' the sex beast will reoffend

Patrick ‘Lo Lo’ O’Driscoll
Patrick ‘Lo Lo’ O’Driscoll


ON the day he was released from prison a victim of notorious sex beast Patrick 'Lo Lo' O'Driscoll has said she had "no doubt" the monster will reoffend.

O'Driscoll (46) of Coome, Glenville was released from the Midlands Prison in Portlaoise on Wednesday morning having served just less than 11 years of a 14-year sentence for the vicious rape and assault of the woman in 2000.

He carried out the attack on 'Fiona' just months after finishing a nine year jail term for a previous rape.

Under the Sexual Offenders Act (2001), O'Driscoll has seven days from his release in which to inform gardai of his future address.

Speaking to The Corkman on Wednesday, 'Fiona' admitted she was living in fear following O'Driscoll's release from prison. "I don't even know where he is. Nobody has been in contact with me since he was let out of jail," said Fiona.

"This is very scary for me. I am living in fear. All this has taken me back to square one. The feelings I had all those years ago have come back again," she admitted.

Fiona said she had no doubt that O'Driscoll, whom gardai described as a "very dangerous man", will reoffend. "I have no doubt he will do it again. As far as I am concerned it is just a matter of time," she said.

The brave victim said she had no qualms about speaking out if it made people aware that O'Driscoll was now a free man. "I did consider moving a way from where I live, but I do not want to disturb my family. I also thought why should I? I have done nothing wrong. If I do move, does that mean he has won?"

Fiona said that while she does not know how much O'Driscoll's physical appearance may have changed during his time in jail, she will never forget his face or what he has done to her and her family.

"He is out free. I am living a life sentence. When do I get my life back? At what point can I say I am free of this man and it is all over?" said Fiona.

"I and my family will be living on tenterhooks. That is no way to live but I am a survivor, I will find the strength to carry on.

"It won't be easy but I have been so lucky to have the support of my family and friends to help me through," she added.


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