Wednesday 17 January 2018

Last post for Anne

Having celebrated her 80th birthday earlier in the week, Ballydesmond Post Mistress Anne Vaughan sent off her last bag of mail on Friday as she closed the door on 49 years of service that she absolutely loved.

Fortunately, after months of fears, meetings and negotiations, Ballydesmond Post Office opened again on Monday morning - further along the village at Kearney's Centra.

As Anne Vaughan turned over a new chapter this week, she told The Corkman how much she enjoyed working in the post office - and how she nearly batted away an armed robber in 2002.

"There was a man in a mask standing in front of me with a big axe... He made a roar: 'give me your money, I want the money', and I said 'of course you do', and I kept working away," said Anne - who thought he was a post office worker playing a prank.

Funnily, Anne ended up being the first customer at the new post office in Kearney's. "With all the commotion on Friday I forgot to draw my own pension," she said


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