Wednesday 17 January 2018

Large family leads to a question of identity

AN insurance matter became an issue of identity when the registered owner of a van denied he had been driving an uninsured vehicle.

Garda Michael Mackessy told Mallow District court that on May 9, 2012 at 5am, he stopped a red Volkswagen van at Rathcoole, Mallow which did not have an insurance disc. He said the van was registered to Christopher Ducey.

Garda Mackessy said the driver opted to furnish all motoring documentation to Millstreet Garda station within 10 days of being stopped but had failed to do so.

Garda Mackessy said he did not personally know Mr Ducey but had recognised him when he got to court in the morning.

However, Mr Ducey said: "I was not driving the van. I deal in scrap and panel beating, and there are eight in my family."

Solicitor Charlie Mr O'Connor, addressing his client, added: "And it would be fair to say, there would be certain similarities between you all."

Judge Brian Sheridan asked Mr Ducey if he had an identical twin brother, to which Mr O'Connor replied: "Well judge, I can tell you that there is one brother who is fairly close to him anyway in looks. I know that myself."

45 year-old Mr Ducey of Rathcoole, Mallow again told the court that he was not driving the van when it was stopped at 5am by Garda Mackessy.

Judge Sheridan subsequently adjourned the case to March 5.

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