Tuesday 21 November 2017

Killing of pup by alsation 'horrific'

A JUDGE described the attack and killing by an Alsatian of a small puppy, which was only days old, as "utterly horrific."

A JUDGE described the attack and killing by an Alsatian of a small puppy, which was only days old, as "utterly horrific."

Judge Brian Sheridan issued a 21 day suspended jail sentence for one year on Carol Murphy of 30 O'Callaghan Park, Kanturk.

At a previous court sitting in Mallow, dog warden John Manning said on June 20, 2013 he got a complaint from Kathleen McSweeney and Marion Hurley concerning an Alsatian dog, which had attacked and killed a puppy.

Carol Murphy admitted to owning the dog, and offered to pay any veterinary costs.

The court, at that sitting, heard that Ms Murphy had firstly told the dog warden that she had the dog put down and later said she had given it to John Shine. However, when the dog warden went to Mr Shine's house he had told him that he had shot the dog. But the dog warden found it tied to a shed.

At that sitting, Ms Murphy was not in court.

At court in Mallow on Tuesday of last week, solicitor Dan O'Connor said that the dog had now "been put to sleep."

"This case was horrendous. It was simply appalling. A grandson got a puppy and he witnessed it being killed. Two complaints were made about the dog," said Judge Sheridan.

Solicitor for Cork County Council, Patricia Murphy said that the dog warden had received a complaint one month before the Alsatian killed the puppy. She said that Ms Murphy was "put on notice," that there was "clearly an issue with her dog."

"However, within one month, the puppy was killed," said Ms Murphy.

He said that she had a previous conviction for not having a dog licence of which she was fined €180, which she still hadn't paid.

"Really, this was truly one of the most horrendous cases that I have ever come across," said Judge Sheridan.

Mr O'Connor said: "What happened should not have happened. This has been a reality check for her. There is no defence here. However, steps were taken and the dog was put down."

He said his client, who is a sole parent of five children, had paid the veterinary bill to the injured party along with €50 damages. "She is of limited means," he said.

He said she will now also pay the fine of €180. However, he asked for an adjournment of one to two months, to allow her time to gather up the money.

Solicitor, Ms Murphy also sought costs of €250 along with witness expenses of €60.


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