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Joanne back on Late Late - but then it's surgery

A MILLSTREET teenager born without limbs but who dazzled the United Nations in New York last month is set to under go major surgery.

However, on Friday night, TV viewers can expect to see bubbly 16 yearold Joanne O'Riordan on the Late Late Show to mark its 50th anniversary. This will be her second time on the show where she wowed the audience with her 'can do' attitude, despite being born without arms or legs.

Next month, Joanne will undergo surgery as she was also born with scoliosis, or curvature of the spine. She had been scheduled to undergo the surgery last month as part of her scoliosis treatment - but the operation was postponed to allow her to travel to New York where she was just one of seven speakers to address the UN.

Her brother, Stephen, is currently producing a documentary film about her which will be entitled ' No Limbs, No Limits' and UK channels, including the BBC and Channel 5, have expressed an interest in the documentary.

Joanne uses her laptop for schoolwork and she has a big grá for the social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Last December, Joanne made national headlines when she wrote an open letter to the Taoiseach about controversial Government proposals to raise the threshold for the disability allowance from 16 to 18 years old.

She has done numerous radio and print interviews where she has been consistently upbeat. She uses technology to enhance her life and is certainly very much up to date on all the latest gizmos and gadgets.