Monday 22 July 2019

HSE response to HIQA report

In a statement, the HSE pointed out that the latest report was the first to reflect the impact of what is said was the "intensive programme of improvements" made at the hospital.

"The report found a significant improvement in the prevailing culture and we were particularly pleased to read that inspectors found that staff deliver care that is calm, relaxed and sociable, with staff engaging with residents to find out their choices and preferences, and to allay concerns and anxieties," read the statement.

It went on to say that HIQA had also found that many initiatives were in place to address issues it previously raised in relation to governance and management.

"The report points out that inspectors met some residents and family members, and their feedback was positive, with residents reporting that they had been consulted on upgrades and adding that they were "much happier". Providing high quality services which are valued by all is a key driver in our efforts to improve the environment and culture at Kanturk Community Hospital," it read.

The HSE acknowledged that while latest HIQA report had found substantial improvements had been made at the hospital, "further action was still required."

"While Kanturk Community Hospital has not yet reached full compliance with all of HIQA's standards, it's clear from the report that it has already moved towards a vastly improved environment and experience for residents. In areas where Kanturk CH has not yet reached compliance, significant improvements have been made in a short time. These improvements will continue in the weeks and months ahead," read the statement.

"We will continue to take that action and we are committed to working with HIQA on an ongoing basis to address all of the issues raised, so that residents can have the best possible care. We would like to thank residents, families and staff for working with us, and for their patience and understanding."