Sunday 25 March 2018

Hospital to finally get new water main

WORK to replace a faulty water main in Fermoy that feeds water to the local community hospital is finally set to get underway within the next fortnight.

The faulty pipe had resulted in numerous breaks in the water supply to the hospital over recent months, with repeated calls for it to be fixed.

Work to replace the faulty pipe had been scheduled to take place on a number of occasions over the past six months. However, on each occasion the deadline was put back, much to the frustration of local town and county councillors.

A report furnished to this week confirmed that the work would now finally get underway before the end of this month. Katherine Walshe, director of water services, said it would take eight-weeks to install the new 915 metre water main.

"This is great news for local residents, businesses and the hospital, all of whom have had to put up with the regular breaks to their water supply," said Cllr Noel McCarthy (Lab).

He called for a public meeting to take place to inform people of the start date and the diversions that will be in place along the Courthouse Road while the work is ongoing.

However, Cllr Kevin O'Keefe (FF) said he was concerned the project would be taking place at the same time as state exams in local schools. "With that in mind, are we still going to stick to this new timetable?" he asked.

Divisional manager Maura Mullane said it had taken a lot of hard work on the part of the council to get to this stage and she was not willing to delay the work any longer. "We will hold a public meeting to confirm all the details, but a timetable for the work is in place and I would be loathe to change that," she said.