Wednesday 17 January 2018

Holly shares her passion for fashion

Orlaith McDonogh

Holly Barry from Mallow took her passion for shopping and fashion and focused it into her now extremely popular online blog 'Along Came Holly'.

Holly Barry from Mallow took her passion for shopping and fashion and focused it into her now extremely popular online blog 'Along Came Holly'.

Fashion blogs have garnered a lot of success in recent years in Ireland with many people taking inspiration from other high profile bloggers.

Holly Barry decided to begin her blog in July this year after a family trip to North Carolina made her realise she wanted to share her knowledge and interest in fashion.

She is currently a second year marketing student at Cork Institute of Technology and hopes to pursue a career in fashion after college.

"If you have an interest in something there's no point in just ignoring it, you should really act on it", she explained.

She recalled how afraid she was when she wrote her first blog post but was "extremely surprised" with the positive response it got.

Along Came Holly now has over 3,000 followers on social media and has even gained the interest of many fashion stores and businesses in Mallow and beyond.

"Everyone has been really accepting of the blog. I have even had some shops in Mallow get onto me and beauticians asking me to try out or review products or give me a voucher for a giveaway".

Holly said she realised in school that writing about fashion was something she wanted to do as she would often be distracted by shopping for herself or being an impromptu stylist for friends.

"I would always spend time making outfits for people, even my mum. We'd go shopping and she'd ask me my opinion on the clothes," she said.

"I take inspiration from anywhere. Like last week, I bought a tartan dress in Penneys and then decided to do a blog on tartan clothes for winter as a result".

The blog includes posts on fashion, beauty and entertainment and Holly said she tries to write a new blog several times a week to keep it up to date with the quick paced fashion industry.

The ideas for what she puts in the blog aren't planned out, though, as she tends to write about what inspires her at the time.

"I prefer to write something and put it up straight away because that's when I feel it's actually most relevant," she said.

She thinks fashion blogs today are a lot more accessible as they focus more on high street clothing brands and not just on expensive designers as they once did.

Other fashion blogs have been very successful, with blogger Susanne Jackson recently writing a book about her blog and fellow Cork blogger Lauren Arthurs gaining popularity also.

Holly is a model with Cork's Lockdown models, which gives her access to people from all aspects of the industry and allows her to gain knowledge of many different perspectives.

As for her biggest fashion icons, Holly said she admires model Miranda Kerr's simple style, and Laura Whitmore.

"Laura Whitmore is such an amazing Irish style icon and what she wears is never predictable; it is always something cool and quirky", she said.


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