Friday 20 April 2018

'Here and Now' exhibition at Macroom Town Hall Gallery

MACROOM Town Hall Gallery will be marking its 10th year anniversary of summer exhibitions with its latest project, entitled 'Here And Now 1', which opens today, July 3 until Saturday, July 26.

The tradition of exhibitions at Macroom Town Hall began in 2004 after a proposal by the Lissarda based artist John Philip Murray which prompted curator Norah Norton to set up the series of shows in an effort to present Co Cork with a first-hand look at contemporary visual art. The series of summer exhibits have since then shown the work of many artists sculptors, painters, video-artists and photographers.

"'Here and Now 1' is the first of two exhibitions showing new work by the artists who exhibited in 'Time and Place', in 2006, though there is one notable absence, Len Clatworth, who died in 2009. Among the other artists set to have their new works presented in the gallery include Con Kelleher, Debbie Godsell, Bernice Corcoran, Ray Lawlor, Jogn P. Murray, Dónal ó Ceilleachar and Tadgh McSweeney

Cork County Arts Officer Ian McDonagh noted how the 2006 exhibition, 'Time & Place', was exclusively about the visual environment around Macroom. "We are delighted that this show will again feature many of the artists who took part in the 2006 event as well as the work of newcomers to the area," said Mr McDonagh.

Curator Nora Norton said an exiting element over the years has been meeting visitors who did not have a history of engaging with the visual arts.

"Many were sceptical about digital art, performance art - even abstraction. Now we have discussions where fresh eyes can open my eyes - and I see comments in the visitor's book that could inform many curators about looking and seeing. It has confirmed my belief that art is a food for the soul that we undervalue at our peril," Ms. Norton said.

'Here And Now 1' will be showing in Macroom Town Hall Gallery from Thursday 3 July until Saturday 26 July at regular gallery hours Tuesday to Saturday from 10.30am - 5.30pm.

Meanwhile, Macroom Library will be co-hosting the exhibition, showing a large sculpture by Len Clatworth and a taster menu of work by artists who are showing work in 'Here And Now 1'.