Tuesday 16 October 2018

Green light for CCTV system

Mike McGrath's Charleville

Last week Cork County Council gave the green light for the installation of the long-awaited CCTV system in Charleville town after a delay of almost a year.

The CCTV initiative was spearheaded by Charleville Chamber in conjunction with the local steering committee, the Gardai and the Fermoy Municipal Area of Cork County Council, ably assisted by Cllr. Ian Doyle.

All the elements were in place in 2016, though the project was delayed. However, all obstacles have now been cleared and the cameras have got the go-ahead from Cork County Council during the past week and local Gardia, who will have control of monitoring the camera feed at the local Garda Station.

This initiative will provide much needed protection to local residents and businesses, and will aid in the detection of criminal activities and may be used as evidence for possible conviction of offenders in the courts.

In order to avoid any inconvenience to the public during the Christmas period, works to install the CCTV system will commence in January 2018.

P. J. McCarthy, president of Charleville Chamber, who led the input into the project for Charleville Chamber, expressed his satisfaction at this development, highlighting the benefits of following proper procedures in tendering and contracting. He thanked his colleagues in PHM Project Management for their professionalism and acknowledged the support from the Fermoy Municipal District Office.

He said that the cameras will be a huge boost to the security of the town, which will now have a monitored CCTV system. "They will play a huge role in preventing anti-social behaviour and in the detection of crime. A key feature will be that the CCTV system will have number plate detection facility," he said.

He thanked all the key stakeholders, steering committee and the Gardai for their input to the design, specifications and the location of the proposed CCTV system in order to ensure it meets their needs and requirements and to provide the best security possible for the town.

Cllr Ian Doyle also welcomed the onset of the CCTV system and he thanked his colleagues in the Fermoy Municipal Area for their assistance in getting the system up and running in Charleville. He thanked the Gardai and Chamber members for their co-operation and input into facilitating the installation of the CCTV system.

"This is a great boost to the town of Charleville in the prevention and detection of crime and will help to ensure the safety of the citizens of our town, which is one of the last in North Cork to put the CCTV system in place," said Cllr. Doyle.

Old tannery may give way to new bargain store

Another piece of old Charleville is about to disappear if Cork County Council grants planning permission to Dublin company Corajio ULC for the development of what was a former tannery and the old Emdown Bedding factory, formerly owned by John Lane of Cork, at Broad Street and Bakers Lane, Charleville.

Based in Dublin's Tallaght, where it has its registered office, Corajio ULC, which trades as Mr. Price Branded Bargains, intends to demolish what remains of the former tannery buildings that presently house a car garage on the Bakers Lane boundary, and also propose a change of use from industrial to commercial of the existing warehouse with elevation alternations and the addition of signage at the site. They also propose to widen the existing entrance and a disked kerb access off Bakers Lane, as well as providing 35 car parking spaces and a landscaped plaza.

The tannery dated from the early 1800's when it was owned by the Haines family and the curing of cow hides for leather was big business.

Horses were needed for all kinds of industry, on farms and for transport. Consequently, there was a big market for saddlery and harness and there were several outlets for leather goods in the town, when horses ruled the roads long before the advent of motorised transport.

The three storey buildings were partially demolished some years ago and will now disappear completely, should the Dublin company get the necessary planning permission from Cork County Council.