Tuesday 21 November 2017

Great turnout at protest march

Gavin Gearin, Richie and TJ McCarthy getting ready to protest in Buttevant last Friday at the state of the main street in Buttevant. Photo by Bernadette Hayes
Gavin Gearin, Richie and TJ McCarthy getting ready to protest in Buttevant last Friday at the state of the main street in Buttevant. Photo by Bernadette Hayes

THE Buttevant Community Council street protest march was held on Friday June 21 through the towns' main street to highlight the atrocious condition of the street surface.



There was a great turn out and support from the local residents and also from people from the surrounding areas. Following the assembly of all the protestors at Buttevant Soccer Club, two groups of protesters were dispatched to separate locations of the town.

One group began their march from the Mallow road side of the town with the other group commencing their march from the Charleville side of the town. All traffic was prohibited from entering the main street as the protest march began from both sides of the town with the protestors spread across the whole of the main street.

The march was a peaceful organised protest and did not last more than half-an-hour.

The Buttevant Community Council and the organising committee wish to acknowledge the support it received from all who participated in the protest march. Thanks is given to the people of the town and the surrounding areas who attended the parade.

Appreciation is offered to Buttevant Soccer Club for the use of their facilities and also to everybody who helped make the protest a success. Special thanks also to the local media organisations who offered their support.

Thanks also to the local politicians and councillors who attended the protest; Councillors Tom Sheahan, Ronan Sheehan, Jerry Mullaly, Dan Joe Fitzgerald, Willie O'Regan and Clare Mullane. Thank you all for your support and the community council will keep you updated and informed of any worthwhile developments.

Hopefully the protest will have some effect on the authorities responsible for the repair and upkeep of the national road network.


Scoil Mhuire na Trocaire Buttevant was this week awarded another accolade for its'endeavours with environmental issues. On Monday last June 24 the school was awarded a Green Flag as a result of their project in the areas of Biodiversity and Global Citizenship.

There was a large gathering of pupils, teachers, parents and invited guests to celebrate the occasion. There were many other activities held on the day and a great day of fun and merriment was enjoyed by all.


The weekly bingo session continues to be held on Monday night in the local GAA hall where numerous monetary prizes can be won attending participants.

There is a bingo jackpot to be won as well as an in-house-lottery and an extra sheet game. Next weeks' bingo jackpot will be worth €1,800 with the in-house-lottery worth €320 and the extra sheet game valued at €410. The fun and games commence at 8.30pm.


With the imminent approach of the July 12, date all will be apprehensive regarding the annual Cahirmee Fair Day.

Down through the years' the fair was an attraction and an occasion of welcoming for the local residents but in latter years it has become more of an annoyance and period of stress particularly for residents of the main street area. Hopefully this year the street traders will not occupy the street and footpath areas of the town for too long a period and will not over stay their time schedule.


This year during the occasion of Cahirmee Fair a film company based in the west of Ireland will be filming a project with a psychiatric theme. The film company is spearheaded by a local former resident Billy O'Brien who is a son of former residents Willie and Josette O'Brien of Rathclare House whose family still reside in the local area.

This should be an auspicious and high profile occasion for the Buttevant area and will enhance the numerous possibilities as a result of this highlighting of Buttevant's inclusion as a base for the film.


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