Monday 22 January 2018

Gone to the dogs

Websites list numerous quiet, rural locations throughout Cork where 'dogging' apparently takes place
Websites list numerous quiet, rural locations throughout Cork where 'dogging' apparently takes place


A POPULAR Irish website has listed 90 places in Cork, many within the north and mid Cork areas, where strangers can meet for casual sex in public - an activity popularly known as dogging.

Posts left by members of the website listed popular dogging sites across north and mid Cork where people meet for casual sex, most of which are in secluded or out of the way locations.

While it should be pointed out that some of the internet posts are dated, they do give a clear indication that dogging is a very popular activity with consenting singles and couples across the region.

One particularly popular dogging hotspot is a lay-by on the main N20 Cork to Mallow road close to Rathduff, with numerous messages left by people who regularly frequent the spot.

One recent message said "we go to this lay-bye most morning" (sic), while another warned people to "beware of police presence" at the spot.

Another post highlighted a car park near the NCT centre at the Blarney Park Industrial Estate on the N20, describing it as "a grand good spot for dogging."

The Quartertown Industrial Estate in Mallow would also appear to be a popular dogging location, with one post saying "couples only, please. Park near the entrance then follow me. I'll watch."

Another post gave an insight into how seeking to participate in dogging sessions identify one another.

It told people to drive into the industrial estate "with side lights only, or flash breaks for action."

Other posts on the site mention a number of other popular dogging locations around the region including: an industrial estate in Ballyvourney, wooded areas in Kilworth, Newmarket and close to the castle in Kanturk, a car-park near the County Park in Millstreet, a wooded area adjacent to the Old Dublin Road near Mitchelstown and a secluded spot close to the centre of Buttevant town.

Another post said people could meet at a school car park in Rathcormac after 11pm, with the posts telling people to "flash lights if interested".

Ballincollig would also appear to be a happy hunting ground with numerous posts relating to various dogging hotspots around the area.

One couple, obviously new to dogging, were seeking a "good place" in the area "looking for a secluded spot. Anyone got any ideas?"

There was certainly no lack of suggestions, with entries mentioning a number of hot spots in and around the town.

One related to the car park of a popular discount retail store on the western side of the town which was described as an "ideal location", while another pointed to the car park at the church in Innishmore.

Another location was a cul-de-sac road close to the Inniscarra football pitch, with people urged to "just make sure to leave it until the kiddies have stopped training."

The website gives a run down on various other dogging locations across Cork and indeed the whole of Ireland, with only Dublin and Antrim listing more locations than Cork.

The site's administrators urged visitors to use a search tool to find the most convenient locations in their areas.

It also urged people that might know of a location in their area that was not listed to tell them and they would add it to the site.

"Dogging can be great fun, and at times a real thrill of excitement," read a message on the website. "Just be careful, don't do it just anywhere and keep your eyes open."


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