Wednesday 13 December 2017

Film-making dreams can become reality

IT'S not at every festival that you can literally make your own film, from start to finish, but Kanturk Arts Fest can help make your dream a reality.

Well, a stop motion reality, at least.

Stop motion animation is the art of making things come to life, by moving them one picture at a time. Kanturk Arts Fest is bringing an award-winning expert to town for a workshop where your imagination can run riot.

From models to movies - learn how to make a plasticine character come to life in this fully hands on workshop with animation director Jane Lee of Paper Plane Creations.

Paper Plane Creations is all about story telling through visual media, and they are very good at it.

Both a film production company and a model-making facility., Paper Plane is about sharing knowledge, developing creativity and making concepts a reality.

On the workshop participants will try their hand at paper cut-out animation, pixilation and claymation - creating short animation pieces with sound effects to suit.

And at the end all the results will be uploaded to Youtube.

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