Saturday 17 February 2018

Fia (7) pretty in pink after dyeing her hair for charity

A LITTLE nipper from Lyre who chopped 12 inches off her hair to give it to children who have alopecia, at Christmas, has now dyed her hair pink for shave or dye.

Last Saturday, Fia O'Brien (7) along with her proud mom, Monica, both dyed their hair for the shave or dye charity.

Monica said a number of weeks ago they were listening to the radio and Fia said that she would love to take part.

They got the dye for free from Hennessy's hair supplies in Cork and the two ladies headed to Vanity Hairdressers in Cork, where PJ duly applied the pink hair dye. Fia, who is also a dab hand at fundraising went off to school prior to the Easter break and got sponsorship from students and teachers as well as locally. She has managed to raise €400 just by herself.

"Fia just loves the colour of her hair and this was an ideal time to do it as she's on her Easter holidays. Although, I think she wants to hold onto the colour for as long as possible when she goes back to school," laughed Monica.

In December, Fia chopped off 12 inches of her hair to give it to children who have alopecia. She had been growing her hair for three years and decided to give it to the Rapunzel Foundation, which makes wigs for children who suffer from alopecia.

Just three years ago, Fia lost her beloved aunt, Tracy Larkin, who passed away from cancer and, during her treatment, she lost her hair. This struck a chord with Fia, who was just four years old at the time.

Fia's hair has grown about three inches since the big chop last December.

"Who knows what she will do next as she's always thinking of helping charities," said her proud mom, Monica.


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