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Fermoy town's out of date website an embarrassment

THE official Fermoy Town Council website has been branded an "embarrassment" by a newly elected local councillor who pointed out that it has not been updated for more than three years.

Fianna Fail councillor Olive Corcoran said that she recently logged on to the website only to discover that it contained references to councillors who were voted out of office in 2004.

Speaking at the July monthly meeting of the local authority, Cllr Corcoran also pointed out that the last entry for minutes of town council meetings related to May 2006.

Further investigation has revealed that the last update on the websites news and events section related to an Irish Business Against Litter report from 2003.

"It is embarrassing that we have pictures and contact details for former councillors and details for town management that are out of date. For example Rose Carroll is still listed as town clerk, despite the fact she left the position two years ago" said Cllr Corcoran.

"People want accountability and honesty from their local authority and we want people to be aware of what is going on in the town hall. Every school in the locality has an up to date website, there is no excuse for the council not to have one as well," she added.

Party colleague Colette Dolan Moore also slammed the local authority for failing to maintain the website, which she said should be a way of ensuring the public are kept up to date on issues relevant to the town.

"The current situation is simply not good enough. It's not just about keeping people up to date on issues that affect them. It is also about giving them a forum to offer feedback to councillors and council officials," said Cllr Dolan-Moore.

Commenting on the situation town clerk Ray Owens admitted that there was no member of council staff actually trained to manage and maintain the website.

"Nobody can actually do it, that's where we are falling down," said Mr Owens.

He said that he had raised the issue with Cork County Council's IT department adding that he hoped the website would be updated within the next few weeks.

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