Tuesday 16 October 2018

Fears chapel at hospital will be used for beds

HSE has dismissed the fears but visitors to Kanturk Hospital insist beds are to be moved into the chapel

Maria Herlihy

While the HSE has rubbished claims that the Chapel within Kanturk Community Hospital will be used to take four or five beds, concerned visitors to the facility have persistent fears to the contrary.

The Corkman has spoken to families who have loved ones at the community hospital and who are adament they have been told that the chapel, which has been funded by the community, will be cleared out to take four or five beds. These are not extra beds at the facility, but it’s mooted that beds will be removed from wards to make more room.

The Corkman sought a comment from the HSE and was told that “there are no plans at this point to carryout any works on the chapel, or move beds”.

However, this is strongly at odds with the view point of visitors to the facility.

One person said: “I was told straight out by a staff member that the chapel would be closed and instead it would be used to take four or five beds. This chapel was funded by the community and not the HSE. It was people in Duhallow who put the money together to have the chapel in place.”

Another person said: “The elderly people at Kanturk hospital use the chapel and there is Mass there every Wednesday.

“It’s a place where family take their parents who are at the hospital. I think it would be a disgrace to close the chapel.”

It was the viewpoint of another Duhallow man that he has seen “workers with measuring tapes” going into the chapel.

The Corkman sought a comment from Joan Collins, Acting Director of Nursing at Kanturk Community Hospital, who declined to make a statement.

The Corkman also sought a comment from Maurice Hoare, General Manager at the HSE on the matter.

The Corkman received a reply on Wednesday morning to state the query by this newspaper had been sent to HSE Communications, which had already replied to the media query.