Saturday 24 February 2018

Father's tears as son awaits Sheriff's visit

Donal O’Sullivan
Donal O’Sullivan

A TEARFUL father stood beside his son in the family kitchen on Tuesday morning in Kanturk, where they waited for the Sheriff to execute an eviction order.

Donal O'Sullivan went to Kanturk to give support to his son Martin (36) and his wife, Claire (40) along with his three grandchildren. As Donal began to speak to The Corkman a clearly stressed Martin walked away from the kitchen.

"This is what the Government does not see," Donal said. "The Government are bailing out the banks and not bailing out families."

Donal, who is a member of the Ballyvolane South Parish Anti Austerity Group, said it is heartbreaking for him as a father to see the pressure on Martin and Claire as they battle to save their family home.

"The reality is that I have three beautiful grandchildren and I want them to stay in the family home," said Donal. "The Government has let the people down. Martin and Claire are out on a limb.

"The Government is saying that we are now out of recession. Look around you, look at what is happening here today," he said.

Born in 1948, Donal said he could remember an eviction many years ago. "But I can't believe I'm seeing a repeat of this in 2013. I have friends all over Europe, and they can't understand how the Irish people are taking this lying down, and not standing up for their rights as citizens of Ireland," he said.


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