Thursday 18 January 2018

ESB pole is no drip when it comes to power showers

IT never rains but it pours - particularly if you happen to be standing beside a particular ESB pole in Dromina that produces a cascade of water that gives new meaning to the term 'power shower'.

That was the claim by Cllr Bart Donegan (FF) at the Kanturk area meeting on Friday morning.

He said the wooden pole located on Main Street, is something of a "peculiar thing."

"I got calls about it and didn't believe it myself until I went out and had a look of it. I'm telling you the water flowing off it when it's raining, you could have a shower under it," he said.

He said he was particularly concerned as it was a pole which had lighting.

He was advised that the best port of call was to make contact with the ESB Networks Department.

After the meeting, speaking to The Corkman, Cllr Donegan said: "When it's dry, it's just a pole. There's nothing running off it, it's normal. But when it rains, well that is different. I couldn't believe it myself."


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