Sunday 21 July 2019

Domestic waste dumped near Banteer sportsfield

Maria Herlihy

Bags of domestic waste which including lots of plastic, dirty nappies, lottery tickets, and more were found dumped near Banteer Community Sportsfield at the weekend. A walker was in the park on Saturday and spotted the bags of rubbish.

The walker then contacted Denis Withers, who is the secretary of the Banteer Community Sportsfield.  Mr Withers told The Corkman that he and many others are “hugely disappointed” at the dumping.

Photographs were taken and submitted to Cork County Council, which is investigating the incident. 

"It really is so very disappointing that some people will do this kind of thing in our community and, hopefully, Cork County Council will be able to track down whoever is responsible," Mr Withers said. 

"People want our area kept clean and tidy for the children in the region, and nobody wants this kind of thing happening." 

CCTV footage is being used to aid the investigation.