Thursday 26 April 2018

Digiweb to lessen pain of Budget

DIGIWEB, Ireland's largest independent telecommunications company, is to step in and offer those affected in Cork by the Budget 2014 scrapping of the telephone allowance the €114 per year back in monthly credits.

The measure, which the government claims will save an estimated €44 million per year, impacts up to 300,000 people nationwide, including pensioners, carers and disabled people.

Digiweb, which operates its own telephone service in areas throughout Cork, has made the decision to offer a monthly credit of €9.50 to people who reside in these areas and who have been affected by the telephone allowance cut.

"Having listened to the people affected by the Budget, Digiweb have made a decision to immediately offer affected people the €114 that the Budget has taken from them," said Declan Campbell, Digiweb MD of Consumer Operations & Services.

Digiweb's network covers approximately half a million telephone lines in the country so many people affected will quality for the Digiweb Telephone Allowance Scheme. In this case, if people's lines are covered by the Digiweb network and they transfer their telephone line to the company, Digiweb will provide a monthly discount of €9.50 (inc vat), which adds up to €114 per annum.

A quick call to 1800 28 58 28 will allow Digiweb to check if people can avail of the Digiweb Telephone Allowance Scheme.