Tuesday 23 July 2019

Delving into recent discoveries

A talk on recent archaeological discoveries in Buttevant is set to take place next week.

Buttevant Heritage Group are delighted to announce a presentation by Trish Long of Rubicon, entitled 'To Enclose it with Walls": Archaeological Discoveries Regarding Medieval and Late Buttevant'.

Rubicon Heritage Services Ltd were the archaeologists in Buttevant throughout the recent roadworks. Trish will deliver an analysis of the archaeological works that took place during the street works in 2015-16.

The modern town of Buttevant can trace its origins to the years after the arrival of the Norman invaders to Ireland in 1177AD. The town was laid out in the rectangular grid like plan of "Bastide" towns, common among important European towns of the time and especially so in South Western France, the centre of Norman power. Buttevant's growing importance and wealth in subsequent years is highlighted by the fact that it was one of only a few towns in Ireland that was protected by surrounding walls.

"So many people admire how well the town looks and now we will learn of the significance of the painstaking archaeological works that took place on the Main Street," said a spokesperson. The presentation will take place in the Muintir na Tire hall on Thursday 27 June at 8pm. Entry is free and all are welcome.