Wednesday 21 March 2018

Deep relief as missing man (21) found safe

A young Millstreet man who was reported missing on Tuesday sparking a heartfelt plea from his mother for his return has been found safe and well.

Millstreet man David McKay was the subject of a frantic search by his family after he went missing at lunchtime on Tuesday while returning into the country at Dublin Port from the UK.

His mother Olivia issued an urgent plea for his return early on Tuesday, but as of yesterday had posted on her Facebook page that David had been found safe and well.

"My son is found and he is well and safe thanks to each and everything for ye're help xxx," Ms McKay wrote on her page to a flurry of messages from friends communicating their deep relief at the news.

Fears were sparked on Tuesday when Mr McKay suddenly disappeared from the truck in which he had been travelling with his uncle after a stint the pair spent working in the UK. He disappeared without a working phone while in Dublin Port, leaving his wallet in the vehicle.

Mom Olivia said she was about to embark on a frantic search for her son, planning at that point to drive to Dublin while keeping an eye out in the towns en route for any sign of her beloved boy.

"I hope he's safe, we're very concerned. I'm travelling to Dublin now, and going to drive up through all the towns. David and my brother were working in England and came into Dublin, into the port. He disappeared. This is very strange and we're concerned," Olivia told media.

Relief was widespread as news of David's safe return was communicated. 'Prayers answered' wrote one friend on Ms McKay's Facebook page, with another simply stating: 'Oh thank God, I've a tear in my eye x'.