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Dan Joe Fitzgerald Boardwalk to be officially opened on Monday


The late Cllr Dan Joe Fitzgerald.

The late Cllr Dan Joe Fitzgerald.

The late Cllr Dan Joe Fitzgerald.


ON the morning of Tuesday, March 2016 the people of Mallow woke up to the very sad news that one of the most popular and well-respected politicians ever to have graced the town had passed away.

More than six years after his passing the late Dan Joe Fitzgerald’s memory will be enshrined on the new boardwalk on Mallow Bridge, which is to be named in his honour when it is officially opened on Monday morning by the Mayor of County Cork, Cllr Gillian Coughlan.

Dan Joe Fitzgerald was much admired figure within the local community, both as a successful businessman and for the many years of devoted service he gave to Mallow town the surrounding area and indeed wider North Cork region.

Born in 1950, the Ballyclough native was educated at the local national school and the Patrician Academy in Mallow and in 1977 established his family-run furniture, flooring and bedding outlet at Shortcastle/West End.

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Cllr Fitzgerald was first elected to Cork County Council in 1999 and was subsequently re-elected to the authority at the 2004,2009 and 2014 local elections.

At the rime of his passing Cllr Fitzgerald was chair of the authority’s Kanturk/Mallow Municipal District Committee (MDC) , a role that he filled with typical determination and enthusiasm, overseeing the delivery of vital services to the local community.

He had also been a hugely proactive and influential member of Mallow Town Council from 1999, serving two terms as the Town Mayor and remaining on the authority up until its abolition in 2014.

Despite his various political commitments, Cllr Fitzgerald was also deeply committed to local business and community affairs, serving as director of Mallow Development Partnership and the North Cork Enterprise Board, on the board of IRD Duhallow and was an active member of the Mallow Chamber of Commerce.

Following his death moving tributes were paid to Cllr Fitzgerald from across the political divide and the wider community, with the then Fianna Fáil leader Micheál Martin summing up the sentiments of many when he described him as a “man of great personal warmth and a gentleman to his core”.

Cllr Fitzgerald’s family said they were “humbled and privileged” that the boardwalk was being named after their late father.

“We would like to thank Cork County Council. And the people of Mallow and North Cork for this great honour.”

Speaking ahead of Monday’s dedication ceremony the current chair of the Mallow/Kanturk MDC, Cllr Gearóid Murphy said it was fitting that the Cllr Fitzgerald be honoured by the town he devoted his life to.

“ I was proud to propose the motion to name the boardwalk after Dan Joe, which received unanimous support from all of my colleagues in the Council,” said Cllr Murphy.

“Since becoming a councillor, I have heard so many stories about the good work which Dan Joe did for the area. He had a great affinity with Mallow Town and I believe the Cllr Dan Joe Fitzgerald Boardwalk will be a fitting tribute to the man who helped so many people in Mallow,” he added.

The decision to name the boardwalk after the late Cllr Fitzgerald has proved to be a popular one with locals, with many people taking to social media to express their admiration for him and his legacy.

Among them Micheál O’Néill who summed up the thoughts of many saying it was “a wonderful tribute to Cllr Dan Joe Fitzgerald, a man of the people and of great integrity”.