Wednesday 23 October 2019

Dairygold stays silent about tongue lashing from judge


IN the wake of scathing criticism from a local judge, Dairygold has declined to comment on their policy with regard to pursing individuals who owe the company money.

Last week a Macroom District Court judge threatened to bring Dairygold's Board of Directors and CEO before him because, he said, the company was abusing the court's powers.

Judge James Mcnulty made the comments as a solicitor acting on behalf of Dairygold brought a committal order against a man who owed the company €667.

Judge Mcnulty told the solicitor that he had warned her client before over bringing such cases to court and that he considered it "an abuse of power" for a company in Dairygold's position to bring committal orders against a man to court for such amounts.

"Do you know what Dairygold's turnover was last year?" Judge Mcnulty asked. "I'll tell you; it was €555million.

"What happens if this course of action results in a loss of life? If a man who is pursued like this reaches the end of his tether, takes a shotgun and shoots a Garda coming to arrest him? Would Dairygold's Board of Directors or CEO be held accountable for it? I doubt it. The public would be asking 'how could the courts do this?," Judge Mcnulty said.

"If an application like this comes before me again I will send for Dairygold's Board of Directors and CEO to come here and justify it. If they do not attend voluntarily I will issue a warrant for their arrest," he warned.

"The Garda, courts and prison services should not have to make up for your bad management," he added.

The Corkman contacted Dairygold this week to ask if the company had any response to the judge's remarks or if they planned to amend any policy they have on taking debtors to court. However, a spokesperson declined to make any comment on the matter.