Friday 24 May 2019

Crossing is 'top priority' after estate bond sorted

'We've heard to all before' say fearful Kanturk residents

Maria Herlihy

The negotiations of a bond settlement of a housing estate in Kanturk seems very much to be the main obstacle in obtaining a pedestrian crossing at Dun An Oir, an estate which has in excess of 120 houses and hundreds of children.

Some residents at Dun an Oir contacted The Corkman recently about the lack of a pedestrian crossing outside the estate, with a stark warning that a child could be killed or seriously injured. 

The Corkman put a number of queries to the Communications Department at Cork County Council on why there is such a delay in putting a pedestrian crossing in place, along with where are the negotiations at with CCC along with the value of the bond. 

Since 2013, residents have been trying to secure a pedestrian crossing and planning had been applied for and granted in July 2017. However, in the autumn of 2018, a new developer took over Dun An Oir and in March 2018 a revised 'Site Resolution Plan' was submitted by the developer to a council engineer. 

A spokesperson at Cork County Council informed The Corkman that a part eight planning process has been commenced with a view to obtaining planning consent and constructing a pedestrian crossing near the entrance to the estate. 

"This will take priority over any further works within the estate," said its spokesperson, who added that "negotiations with regard to a bond settlement is ongoing, so a value is not yet available." 

Resident Katie Madarasz was very unimpressed with CCC's response with regards to the bond and said she along with other residents have heard the word "progressing" being bandied around all the time, but yet there is no result. 

"This is the kind of language used to try and keep us happy but, really, it is just to bluff us off. I am very sceptical until I actually see diggers on site doing work. I feel that this is not a satisfactory answer as just why won't the banks release the bond. 

"Will it take for a child to be knocked down or killed and then suddenly a button is pressed and the bond is put in place by the bank?" she said. 

Previously, residents, Katie Madarasz and Adrian Ryder both warned that it is a "ticking time bomb" before a child will be knocked down or killed due to the lack of a pedestrian crossing. 

"It is important to note that this road outside the estate must be crossed by anyone walking the few hundred metres to Kanturk town as there is no footpath on the estate side. This also means that every school going child has to negotiate this junction on their walk to and from school every day," said Katie. 

Adrian Ryder has been living in the estate for the past 12 years. He also strongly believes that a pedestrian crossing needs to be put in place as he said there is no safe access to the town on foot. 

He also said he was "absolutely fearful" for children at Dun an Oir, and other residents, due to the lack of  pedestrian crossing. 

"We are not being dramatic when we say that a serious accident is very likely. There has already been some road traffic accidents at the junction, one of which I believe there is dash-cam footage of. Luckily, no children were in the rear ended vehicles. Residents have also passed on stories of near misses they have had while crossing the road," he said.