Friday 19 July 2019

County Mayor welcomes a delegation from Rhode Island

Mayor of County Cork Cllr Patrick Gerard Murphy welcomed a delegation from the city of Newport, Rhode Island, led by Mayor of Newport City Harry Winthrop, to Cork County Hall to mark the success of the twinning between Kinsale and Newport, Rhode Island.

Newport is a coastal city in the State of Rhode Island, which prides itself on its beautiful harbour and quality dining. Since the formal twinning agreement was signed in 1999, delegations from the worlds of business, tourism and politics have travelled between the two regions, facilitating growth in both.

Mayor Murphy highlighted how their shared similarities and the interest of many Newport residents in Ireland have helped developed this successful relationship. "With direct flights between Providence and Cork, people from Newport and Kinsale have a second scenic coastal town, a second marina and a second culinary haven on their doorstep," he said. He added that it was good for Ireland but also great for Cork.