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Councillors vote to include Millstreet on Streetscape improvement scheme

Councillors at the recent Macroom/Millstreet Municipal District voted unanimously to name the villages of Carriginima, Inchigeela and Millstreet Town as the recipients of the 2020 Streetscape Signage and Improvement Scheme.

The decision was welcomed by Fianna Fáil Councillor Gobnait Moynihan, who described it as "great news as it has the potential to ease the financial burden of paying for paint, scaffolding and labour, which can be quiet costly for house owners and businesses".

Under this scheme tenants or owners of buildings can avail of a grant of up to 50 per cent of the full cost of painting the façades along the street, which may include paint, labour, scaffold/ hoist and other materials etc.

Previously the Scheme only included towns within the county of Cork and recently extended to include key villages.

Cllr Gobnait Moynihan said "I urged to the Council to expand the scope of the Scheme, so as to promote regeneration and business growth in our rural villages as well.

"One of our greatest amenities as a county is our picturesque towns and villages.

"The paint scheme has led to excellent results such as [in] the village of Beal Átha 'n Gaorthaidh, which availed of the Scheme in 2019.

"I look forward to seeing the people and businesses of Inchigeela, Carriginima and Millstreet build on the past success of this Scheme," Cllr Moynihan added in conclusion.

The Cullen and District Special Needs Association Annual Weigh In, which was due to reach a conclusion, failed to do so owing to the impact of the Coronavirus.

Organisers thank patrons for their continued support towards ongoing fundraising efforts.

The association was founded in 1980 in a response to people with specific needs in the greater North Cork region.

And for close on four decades, the Cullen group' diverse fundraising has helped numerous and worthy causes in locations across Cork and Kerry, such as Rathmore, Charleville, Kanturk, Mallow, Millstreet and Beaufort.

The Officers and Committee of Aubane Social Club have taken the decision to cancel all events until further notice due to the increasing number of Coronavirus cases in Ireland. Deferred are Set Dancing on Monday nights; the windfarm meeting on March 31; Easter table quiz; and Easter Egg hunt.

Well done to the Millstreet CV Support Group, which is facilitating community engagement in response to the needs of older people, those with disabilities or living independently in the community, in their endeavours to limit the impact of the Coronavirus.

The volunteer community group was set up to help people who fear being exposed to COVID-19 or who may have to self-isolate because of the virus or have been in close contact with someone who has it and, as a result, are confined to their homes.

The group consists of more than 40 volunteers who have two vans and an array of personal skills. They can provide assistance by organising shopping and delivery of groceries, firing and other essential needs.

All the services are totally free to the community, and if the pandemic develops and the requests for assistance change, the group will evolve to meet these new demands where possible.

The group organised a mail drop of this information to every home in the catchment area, with more volunteers extremely welcome.

For further information, contact Jeremiah Keating at (087) 793 2736 or Liam Flynn at (087) 638 0053.

Money sought for computer refurbishments in local school

Millstreet Community School Parents' Advisory Committee is raising money for the computer room refurbishment.

The current Computer Room is outdated and the PCs need to be replaced with Chromebooks and create learning pods.

Teachers and students are now collaborating in the digital space using cloud technology.

The proposed new layout of the room will provide the school with a space where students can collaborate with one another in groups during class periods.

Their work will be available on the cloud for future consultation and for revision purposes.

The Advisory Group seeks to realise this vision and future-proof their school.

Supporters can click the Go Find Me link to donate, with all involved hoping to complete the project before next September.

Day Care Centre alters its services due to virus crisis

Millstreet Day Centre is taking extra precautions to ensure the safety of all of clients during the current Coronavirus crisis, cancelling all volunteers and private groups attending or renting the Centre.

Their Meals on Wheels Service will remain active.

In the event of the Day Centre having to close, they will ensure to do everything possible to keep the Meals on Wheels service going.

Friends who do not wish to attend the Centre during this time, please ensure to ring the Centre on (029) 70926 to cancel your place for the coming weeks.

Anyone who needs the Meals on Wheels Service, please contact the office on (029) 70926.

If you do not receive a response, please leave a message with the Day Care Centre team.

No marching bands and no mardi gras atmosphere on St. Patrick's Day as Millstreet Community Council organisers had no other option but to prioritise public health and safety in cancelling its popular parade well in advance of blanket cancellations.

Such preventative measures being adopted right across the country will hopefully reap positive effects as new guidelines of behaviour attempt to stem the Coronavirus pandemic.

Previously, a Millstreet parade was postponed in 2001 owing to the Foot and Mouth restrictions.

This year, families and homes quietly marked the celebration of the national feast.

Traditionally, Millstreet saluted the national feast day in an impressive staging in late afternoon.

Of course, there is disappointment on the cancellation of this year's hosting, but hopefully it returns next year with its usual mix of terrific family entertainment.