Wednesday 19 June 2019

Councillors in call for action on 'treacherous' traffic outside Mallow school

Bill Browne

The Cork Educational Training Body (CETB) has been called on to speed up the installation of traffic calming measures outside a Mallow school campus, after a local county councillor described the current situation in the area as "very treacherous".

Cllr Gearóid Murphy (FF) said a condition of granting permission for the extension to Gaelscoil Thomais Daibhís a number of years ago was that traffic calming measures be put in place around the campus, which it shares with Davis College. 

However, this has yet to be done, with Cllr Murphy saying it was one of the biggest issues being raised with him by local people with young families.  

Speaking at the Council's May Kanturk/Mallow committee meeting, Cllr Murphy described the slow pace of the project as "very frustrating" saying the matter needed to be resolved "with the utmost urgency". 

"As I understand it, the plan for the project has been sent back to council planners, who have made a number of minor changes to it and returned it to the CETB," said Cllr Murphy. 

He pointed out he had first raised this issue last year after it was brought to his attention by a number of parents as well as the management at the Gaelscoil.

"I have been fighting hard for a solution to this treacherous situation since then, but nothing has been done. Despite several accidents and near-misses in that time. In my view, the CETB are not taking this matter seriously enough," said Cllr Murphy.  

"Hundreds of children and students go to and from these schools every week, from as young as five years old. The CETB, officials in council and everyone involved need to come together and ensure that the traffic lights and pedestrian safety measures around the school are completed as soon as possible," he added.

 His motion that the committee write to the CETB to speed up the process was echoed by Cllr Melissa Mullane (SF), who said she and Cllr Murphy recently met with school officials in relation to the issue of traffic and pedestrian safety in the vicinity of the campus. 

"The revised plans are in the hands of the CETB, but they are not engaging with the school on this issue. 

They need to get their act together, put a contractor in place and communicate with the school. There are children's lives at risk here," she said. 

"In addition, locals have had to put up with a huge amount of work going on in this area for a long period of time. The CETB need to tell them when a contractor will be in place and when the work will be completed," she added.